Why I love reading books so much

To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life”-W.Somerset Maugham

I have always been a reader for as long as I can remember.  I think i was about 8 years old when my love for books began.I remember being fascinated by books so much  that I would beg my dad to take me down to the bookstore so we could buy more books!
The reason I love reading so much is because it’s my escape from reality.When  I get lost in a book, for that short amount of time, I’m someone else, somewhere else, where the boundaries of my imagination never end.Life gets hard at times and when it does, I reach for a book. They are like portals to another world where anything is possible.
My passion for reading comes from the enjoyment and happiness I experience when reading.the emotions that reel within myself, the pain, excitement, anger, all that being put into words, described in dramatic detail makes me enjoy the written word that much more.
They can be a source of creating memories in your life even at whatever stage you may be in your life.
A good book in your shelf is a friend..so go ahead, pick a book and read!


My thoughts…uncensored

In my opinion, some people can’t be alone, they just can’t. For most people it is better to settle than to be alone. People need people, it’s the fortunate and unfortunate truth. We never want to believe that alone could be on the cards because almost anything is better than ending up in a life where you have no significant other to share your love, joy and sorrow.

I have always believed that not a lot of people can love us the way we deserve to be loved. ..so I have always known that I would never give my heart away easily .The truth is I  know am not  the easiest person to love, I hold people who purpose to love me to the highest standard, while I have learned to be compassionate to the imperfect love I have to offer and that I might receive, I have also still been aware of the kind of love I deserve and never want to settle for anything less, ever.
No one knows what the future holds, but every once in a while the thought of ending up alone strikes me and rather than push it away I instead want to feel the fear that comes with it so  that maybe I can change that fear into something good,but until that happens the best we can all do  is to create a self that you are happy with because  we all have to be with  that self for the rest of our lives.